Lab Exercises and Required Data

This page provides links to all of the lab exercises and required data for the course. These labs make use of ArcGIS Pro, so you will need to have access to this software to work through these exercises. If you are a student at WVU, you can be provided with access to ArcGIS Pro free-of-charge from the university. Please inquire if interested. The lab data have been provided as map packages and additonal data in compressed folders. You will need to uncompress the folder prior to beginning the labs.

Good luck with the exercises. If you have any issues or find any mistakes, feel free to contact us.

A list of data sources for the lab exercises can be found here.

  1. L1: Intro ArcGIS Pro
  2. L2: Datums and Projections
  3. L3: Symbology and Cartography
  4. L4: Digitizing
  5. L5: Intro Spatial Analysis
  6. L6: Symbolizing Image Data
  7. L7: Viewsheds and 3D
  8. L8: Intermedate Cartography
  9. L9: Web GIS
  1. L1 Data
  2. L2 Data
  3. L3 Data
  4. L4 Data
  5. L5 Data
  6. L6 Data
  7. L7 Data
  8. L8 Data
  9. L26 Data