NOTE FOR MRLC DATA: Landsat 5 TM and 7 ETM data originally purchased and processed in support of the U.S. government Multi-resolution Land Characterization (MRLC) 2001 project, can be distributed to qualified data users. All users requesting data from the MRLC program (via must acknowledge and affirm their intent to use the data for only
non-commercial purposes.
If you accept these conditions, please click "Yes, I agree" and you will be able to download MRLC images. If you do not accept these conditions, please click "No, I do not agree" and you will be returned to the data services page.
Please refer to for further information.  
Landsat TM Path 16 Row 32
General identification Data organization Location Processing details
Unique ID   Preview Yes Reference system WGS84 Projection Albers Eq Area
Platform Landsat 5 Access Public Program MRLC2000 Zone  
Sensor TM Format Erdas *.img GeoTiff, NLAPS Path/Row 16/32 Projection parameters _
Processing level Terrain Bands 1-7 UL X 1418520.000 Datum NAD83
Scene ID LT5016032009710610 Bits/Pixel 8 LR X 1612590.000 Elliposoid GRS1980
Cloud cover 10% Pixel size 30 UL Y 2160510.000 Units meters
Acquisition date 4/16/1997 Pixel units meters LR Y 1973670.000 Resampling Cubic con
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