Landsat TM Path 17 Row 32
General identification Data organization Location Processing details
Unique ID   Preview Yes Reference system WGS84 Projection UTM
Platform Landsat 7 Access Public Quadrangle _ Zone 17N
Sensor ETM+ Format Erdas *.img GeoTiff Path/Row 17/33 Projection parameters _
Processing level Level 1G, Systematic SLC-off gap-filled* Bands 1-8 UL X 469800.0
Datum WGS84
Scene ID LE7017033000525550 Bits/Pixel 8 LR X 714600.0
Elliposoid _
Cloud cover 0% Pixel size 15/30/60 UL Y 4414800.0
Units meters
Acquisition date 09/12/2005 Pixel units meters LR Y 4198200.0
Resampling cubic con

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*Systematic Scan Line Correction-Off Gap Filled Product. See USGS web page for limitations!

Gap Mask information


  Imagine multispectral, Imagine pan, GeoTiff multispectral, Imagine thermal, Imagine gap mask image file
LPGS multispectral metadata
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